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MOther's Day

Looking for the perfect gift? We have you covered! 
From gift certificates, medical grade skin care to spa packages- let’s make this a day to remember! 
Treat Mom: 
Treat mom to a spa day package $150
1 hour long relaxation massage, a basic facial and lip treatment
Gift Certificates Available! 

May Specials

Facial of the Month: Foaming Enzyme Facial by iSClinical $50 (Typically $75) Facial club members exclusive- Choose between Foaming Enzyme or 25 minute express facial and a 30 minute chair massage. 

Refresh Package: $2000 PRP Vampire Facelift (using up to two syringes of filler), PRP and 20 units of Xeomin. 

Facial of the Month Club: $600 Enjoy a free facial each month, a free B12 injection every month and one free basic facial to give away as a gift! 

Versa Lips $500 ($50 off coupon redeemed day of visit)

Buy iSClinical Facial Kit and get 20% off

Patient Financing now available

Laser Day June 9, 2022

Our next Laser Day is June 9, 2022 from 10-2.  

Appointments need to be called into the office and cannot be booked online. 

Dark Spot Removal 10 minutes $250

Hair Removal $100-$300

Spider Vein 15 minutes $300

Tattoo $300-$500 


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About Versa

Versa is made with hyaluronic acid (HA), just like most other dermal fillers. HA is already naturally synthesized in the body, so there is virtually no risk of the body rejecting these fillers. What makes Versa different from other HA dermal fillers? It’s a homogenous filler created using a state-of-the-art wet milling technology and a proprietary formula. This ensures that all of the particles are uniform and perfectly spherical. Results from such a filler include balance, smoothness, and just the right amount of volume.

Thanks to the high viscosity of Versa, it is easier for the injector to apply it where it needs to go. This also lends itself to little disruption to the face. It has been found in some studies that swelling is 24 percent less common with Versa when compared to other dermal filler treatments. The molecular weight of HA in Versa is also of the highest quality, which means that it takes longer for Versa to break down compared to similar treatments.

Overall, Versa gives you everything you love about dermal fillers but with fewer side effects—and you can enjoy the results longer. If you have tried dermal fillers before and thought they just didn’t look like you, the swelling was more than you expected, or the results didn’t last as long as you wanted, Versa might be for you.

About the iSClinical Active Peel System

The clinically advanced botanically based Active Peel System is a powerful yet gentle, fast-acting two-step treatment designed to resurface and polish the skin while providing hydration, rejuvenation, and antioxidant protection.

Designed to use every other day, this complete skin treatment produces a cool tingling sensation upon application as it activates. This well-balanced system helps to improve the appearance of skin tone and texture, resulting in a smooth, hydrated, and more youthful-looking complexion.

Step 1 is designed to provide controlled exfoliation, featuring a proprietary combination of powerful yet gentle botanical acids combined with soothing, nurturing botanical extracts.

Step 2 provides hydration and rejuvenation, featuring our proprietary botanical Extremozyme technology and Copper Tripeptide-1 combined with soothing active botanicals.

Each box contains 15 treatment sets 


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size
  • Powerful, yet gently resurfaces the skin
  • Improves skin tone, texture, and smoothness
  • Provides rapid and long-term results
  • Improves overall health and integrity of the skin