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New Batesville Location

We are so excited to introduce our newest location to the Empowering Health Dynasty- Empowering Health Batesville!

Located at 981 State Road 46 East Ste D, we are located on the corner of Tekulve and 46.  The office will be open by appointment for October and then open for regular scheduling in November.   

To schedule follow the link and choose Batesville or call the office to schedule. 812.290.2128

Click here to schedule!

October Specials

Facial of the Month: 

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Typically $75 on sale for $45

Glutathione injections: Buy a punch card $140 for 5 injections and get a free facial! Glutathione is the master antioxidant, great for skin hair and more!

Toxins for October: 

Xeomin $10/Unit $50 gift card available over 30 units

Jeuveau $12/Unit $40 off every 90 days

Botox $12/ Unit

Dysport $3.50 (uses 2.5x as much)

Filler Special: 

Versa Lip Filler $550 and get 5 PDO smoothing mini threads to lift up the border. 

Versa Lips $500 ($50 off coupon redeemed day of visit)

Want to know more about our RIP WRINKLE DAY click here! 

Patient Financing now available

Click here to apply for financing! 

We also offer AfterPay! 

This is where you can pay a portion the day of the visit and then break the remaining balance down over several weeks- interest free!  Download the AfterPay app here 


Join us for our Annual RIP WRINKLE event! We will be offering a spinning wheel of prizes including 50% off all services purchased! Stay tuned to the Facebook page for more information! 


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About Versa

Versa is made with hyaluronic acid (HA), just like most other dermal fillers. HA is already naturally synthesized in the body, so there is virtually no risk of the body rejecting these fillers. What makes Versa different from other HA dermal fillers? It’s a homogenous filler created using a state-of-the-art wet milling technology and a proprietary formula. This ensures that all of the particles are uniform and perfectly spherical. Results from such a filler include balance, smoothness, and just the right amount of volume.

Thanks to the high viscosity of Versa, it is easier for the injector to apply it where it needs to go. This also lends itself to little disruption to the face. It has been found in some studies that swelling is 24 percent less common with Versa when compared to other dermal filler treatments. The molecular weight of HA in Versa is also of the highest quality, which means that it takes longer for Versa to break down compared to similar treatments.

Overall, Versa gives you everything you love about dermal fillers but with fewer side effects—and you can enjoy the results longer. If you have tried dermal fillers before and thought they just didn’t look like you, the swelling was more than you expected, or the results didn’t last as long as you wanted, Versa might be for you.

Annual Lip Day!

Join Dr Garrett, her team, Becky, Kendra, Alisha and another team from The Dermabar, Madison Indiana as we host our Annual Lip Day! 

From 10 until 3 pm on August 20, we will be having walk in appointments for lip filler.  

We will be utilizing Revanesse Lips, a filler designed to last 12-15 months! The cost for Lips is $550, we have an in office coupon for everyone of $50.  Every patient will receive a scratch off ticket at check out for any where from 20-50% off. 

20-20% off tickets

6-30% off tickets

4-40% off tickets

4-50% off tickets

We will be giving away gift bags with lips gloss, lips stick, and much more! We can’t wait to see you!