The Science of Beauty

At Empowering Health, we understand that beauty is not just how we look but also how we feel.  Sometimes it takes looking better on the outside to feel better on the inside.  We work holistically, meaning we look at all areas of health, beauty and wellness and strive to incorporate science, perfection and realistic goals into each consultation. Believe it or not, science is the foundation of aesthetic beauty. 

As scientists at heart, each of the Empowering Health team members rely on the most up to date information to create the most aesthetically pleasing outcome for every patient.  We strive to create beautiful works of art with each of our patients. One of the ways we accomplish this is by utilizing an idea inspired by the Renaissance as “Divine Proportion” and by the Greeks as the “Golden Ratio”. 

The Golden Ratio and Beauty

The modern term for this scientific artistry is “Phi”.  It is a mathematical ratio of 1.618 to 1.  This ratio measurement can be identified in anything that we find aesthetically pleasing to the eye, from furniture to faces.

According to Drs. Arthur Swift and Derek Jones, there is a universal attractiveness that can be identified by the ovality of the face, the Ogee curves of the midface along the cheek bones, seven magnificent features (which include facial shape, forehead height, eyebrow shape, eye size and inter-eye distance, nose shape, lips, and skin clarity), and the Phi proportions.  They have researched and developed a formula that helps to create perfect proportions in every face. It all begins with measuring the inner eye distance as our “1” (as this distance remains constant across adulthood) and then using this distance to measure everything else out within the 1.618 ratio, from the eyebrows (shape and contour), to the nose (length and width) to the forehead shape and size, to the lips and chin.

Finding Your Golden Ratio

During your consultation at Empowering Health, we utilize special calipers, known as BeautiPHIcation calipers, which are perfectly shaped and balanced to identify the golden ratio within each face.  We take simple measurements and we can show you where you need either fillers or neurotoxin to balance the face and create harmony.  The consultation is quick and painless but gives us a scientific approach to help you look and feel more beautiful. 

Many people have concerns as we age about “jowls” or facial sagging, but with the BeautiPHIcation calipers and our expertise in the Golden Ratio, we are able to show you exactly what is needed to fix these issues.  Sometimes it is cheek fillers to return that youthful Ogee curve to the cheek, occasionally it is jaw line fillers to create a smoother jaw line that is needed.  Using this method we are able to create and shape beautiful noses that balance the face, fullness to the lips that are in equal proportion to the face (which helps to keep you from looking “overdone”), or even fill out temporal hollowness that makes the face look tired.

Your Empowering Health

We want to work with you to create the most youthful, healthy, rejuvenated look possible. We are able to work in steps and even have payment plans available to help you reach your desired goals.  Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful.  Sign up for a consultation today with one of our aesthetic experts.

Dr. Liane Garrett

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