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At Empowering Health our laser services, including hair removal, dark spot removal, spider vein removal, and facial resurfacing, all aim to improve your look and make you feel comfortable in your skin. 

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Skin Appearance

Balance skin tone • Create firmer, fuller-looking skin

Skin Longevity

Increase elasticity • Decrease scarring • Generate new collagen


At Empowering Health, our professionals can help you remove unsightly hair and keep it from returning for months at a time using laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can be used anywhere you have body hair, but some commonly targeted spots include armpits, upper lip, legs, and bikini areas.


Empowering Health offers laser dark spot removal that helps to remove sunspots or age spots and even out the skin tone. Laser dark spot removal works differently on different skin tones, so contact us today to see if it would benefit your skin.


Empowering Health offers laser spider vein and varicose vein removal. The laser targets the problem veins and destroys them through the skin, without causing damage to any surrounding areas. You will likely notice a huge difference after just one session.

Facial resurfacing
with Microneedling RF

Empowering Health offers facial resurfacing with microneedling RF, or radiofrequency. This treatment uses radiofrequency waves to help repair and refresh skin, reducing wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and tightening skin.


Empowering Health offers fractional laser resurfacing to help restore your facial completion. Fractional laser treatments can help reduce blemishes and scarring, minimize wrinkles, shrink pores, lighten dark areas and sun damage, reduce stretch marks, and promote collagen production in the skin. Contact us now for more information.

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Take care of your skin and give it the love it deserves. Our laser skin treatments can help your skin heal and look years younger. Want to schedule an appointment? Get in touch today!