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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments promote healing and growth, and have many benefits for skin, hair, joints, and more.  PRP has been used as adjunctive therapies for years in orthopedics, surgery and dentistry.  Since 2005, PRP has been used in cosmetic and sexual health. We provide the PRP for many things including joint injections, hair restoration, wrinkle reduction, tear trough replenishing and more. 

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Joint Injections

Promote healing • Reduce inflammation

Skin Injections

Reduce wrinkles • Enhance youthfulness • Rejuvenate glow


This is an injection of platelets into the vaginal tissue with the end result being increased sexual arousal, easier orgasms, reduced pain, and a rejuvenated vaginal area. This procedure is also known for its ability to treat urinary incontinence by creating a bio-stimulated collagen matrix as a sling. This procedure is nearly pain free and quick.  Typical appointment is 20 minutes and results can be immediate. 

Supplements via FullScript


Many people have no idea on what supplements to purchase.  They also do not understand the pathways within the body that vitamins and supplements use in order to be utilized within the body.  At Empowering Health, we teach you what you need and which supplements work best! 


At Empowering Health, we offer PRP joint injections for those struggling with joint pain and arthritis. Platelet-rich plasma, taken from the patient’s own blood, is injected into the joint. These injections can help reduce inflammation and pain, as well as stimulate new cartilage production. For more information about this procedure, contact us today.



Wrist (Carpal Tunnel)



Plantar Fasciitis 


At Empowering Health, we can use PRP to help with hair restoration and promote hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma is taken from the patient’s blood and injected into the scalp and around the hairline. This treatment helps reduce hair loss, promotes hair growth, and increases blood flow to the hair follicles.

EYE Treatment

At Empowering Health, we perform the PRP into the tear troughs, or the hallowing under the eyes, which is a non-invasive procedure that uses the patient’s blood and hyaluronic acid. The patient’s blood is separated into platelet-rich plasma which is injected into the face, and the results can produce plump, youthful-looking skin. This procedure can also reduce the look of wrinkles and dark circles, while plumping the undereye area naturally. $250 per treatment

Sauna at Empowering Health


Come and spend a few moments in our sauna, detoxifying your body, improving circulation, clearing out toxins, relaxing sore muscles and improving health. 

Up to 60 minutes, one person $25 two people $35 

Gut Health

Concerns with “IBS”,  Thyroid Dysfunction, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Hormone Imbalances, Low Energy, Mood changes- It could be related to your gut health, your metabolism, and more.  We offer Genova testing for hormones, gut health, metabolism and more. Afraid you have food intolerances? Our testing can look at over 287 different food sensitivities (IGG) and our complete nutritional evaluation can look at what nutrients you may be missing! 

Dr. Garrett’s motto is “Food first, supplements second and medication third”.  She teaches you what is wrong with your body and gives you a guide map to improve your gut health! 

Do you know she can help move your ovulation times? Did you know that she can reduce joint pain with antioxidants? 

GI effects

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