Non-Surgical Facelift

Non surgical facelifts can be done in the office with our PDO threads. This simple procedure can take years off your face and create stability and structure. This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes in the office and there is next to no down time!

PDO threads come in a variety of types from lifting (most popular) to smoothing collagen creating threads. We can use the lifting threads in the face, eyebrows, neck, arms, breast, abdomen and thighs to really give you the lift you desire.

Smooth PDO threads have the ability to stimulate collagen production which helps to create a smoother, defined finish. This is great for acne scars, subtle volume, and collagen stimulation.

The whole procedure takes less than 30 minutes. We start with consent forms and photos. Then we anesthetize the area with a local infiltration of lidocaine. We draw on the face to determine the maximum lift and pull. From there we place the threads! It is quick and inexpensive.

PDO Threads
We can lift from all vectors- for even more of a lift!

Watch this quick video about how PDO threads are placed!

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