Treatment by the Area

Do you know that toxin treatment is affordable? Many people get confused on “how many units do I need”- well at Empowering Health, we have a program to take that confusion out of the equation.

This program utilizes one FDA approved brand of neurotoxin and is designed to make the guess work easy for you, as well as affordable.

We have a program that is by the area treatment.

It is with only one type of neurotoxin and it is priced by the area, we put as much as needed in the area for the type of correction needed.

For instance:

🌟 ANGRY LINES will cost you $220 every 3 months (or if you wanted to pay monthly $74).

🌟EXPRESSION LINES (Angry lines (11’s) forehead and spa brows) will cost you $340 every 3 months ( or monthly $114).

🌟The most common request is the UPPER 1/3 of the face, which includes angry lines, forehead, spa brow, bunny lines, crows feet and under eye wrinkle is $420 or $140/month.

🌟Even more ways to save:

Pre-purchase for a year:

Angry’s only= $850 per year ($30 savings)

Expression lines=$1300 per year ($60 savings)

Upper 1/3= $1600 per year ($80 savings)

Refer a friend $20 off per friend

Leave a Google Review $20 off

Leave a Facebook Review $20 off

If you are interested in this program message the office to find out more information.

19904 Augusta Drive Ste 1Lawrenceburg Indiana 47025 📞812.290.2128

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