IV Hydration and Vitamin Injections

Have you heard about our vitamin injections?

We offer a variety of injections to get you feeling great this summer!

B12 injections $25 each or a punch card 5 for $100

Lipo Mino injections $35 each or a punch card 5 for $140

MICC injections $35 each or a punch card 5 for $140

Glutathione injections $35 each

Vitamin D (must have recent blood work showing deficiency) $35 each

Looking for something a little more involved with more results? Try our IV Hydration!

IV Hydration $150 choose from:

Alleviate (B complex, Calcium, B12, Magnesium)great for PMS symptoms.

Recovery and Performance (Vitamin C, Vitamin Complex, Amino Blend, Mineral Blend) great for after injury or recovery after athletic event.

Inner Beauty (Vitamin C, B complex, Biotin) great for hair skin and nails.

Myer’s Cocktail (Magnesium, B complex, B12, Calcium and Vitamin C) Great for seasonal allergies, chronic symptoms, pain and asthma.

Energy Blend (B complex and amino acids) great for a boost of energy.

Brain Fog (folic acid, taurine, alpha-lipoic acid) great for overall brain function, memory and enhanced learning (many people do this for post covid brain fog)

Hangover Blend (zofran, b complex and mineral blend) great for hangovers, however even more beneficial for after a stomach bug.

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