Why use an FDA Approved Microneedling Device

Over the past year, we have heard countless times that one of our clients
had seen a price for microneedling that was $100-$150 and wanted to know why we charge $300. Let’s start at the beginning with what is microneedling.

Microneedling is the utilization of a device that creates a controlled injury to the skin and the underlying tissues. Depending on the outcome desired, different depths are necessary. This type of controlled injury stimulates collagen. One treatment can typically replace about 20% of collagen that has been lost. We see this result gradually over the course of 6 weeks. On average, a healthy 40 year old woman will lose about 3-4% of her collagen per year. Certain factors can speed up this process remarkably. Smoking, sun tanning, poor diet, poor hydration, poor skin care can increase this to more like 10-15% of collagen lost per year.

At home microneedling devices only affect the top layer of skin (stratum corneum of the epidermis). This means it is more like a gentle exfoliation of the skin. Medical grade microneedling devices are targeted to go up to 3.5 mm deep, targeting the layers from epidermis (top layer) through the DEJ (dermal epidermal junction) and into the dermis. When at the accurate depth this will stimulate the body to create a repair under the skin by a fibrin/collagen matrix, thus tightening the skin. This will reduce fine lines, dark spots, shrink pores and can repair scar tissue.


What happens at an appointment:

At a microneedling appointment with Empowering Health, your skin is cleansed and prepped. We then apply a medical grade Lidocaine (23% lidocaine, 7 % tetracaine) from the neck up (or on abdomen, legs, arms, etc). You will be allowed to sit in our full body massage chair or relax in one of our heated beds. Once you are adequately numb (30-45 minutes), we cleanse the skin again and then remove any remaining bacteria or residue with a chlorohexidine based or alcohol based solution. A copper peptide spray is applied to the skin and after the spray, a fine layer of hyaluronic acid is applied.

We make several passes over each area of the skin looking for our clinical endpoints, to know that we have effectively reached the layer of the skin needed to create our controlled injury. We then cleanse the skin again. We apply another layer of copper peptide and then a hyaluronic acid fortified peptide recovery gel.

You are sent home with a medical grade product sample of a cleanser, a serum and a moisturizer to help to improve the outcome of your treatment.


Why use an FDA approved device?

Our Rejuvapen is an FDA approved device, meaning it has cleared rigorous
testing to ensure that it is safe and effective. Part of this process is to
ensure that no blood can be trapped in the housing mechanism. This is vitally important. When doing microneedling one of the clinical endpoints we are looking for is pinpoint bleeding. If your provider was using a device found off Amazon or Ebay, that is not FDA approved, it can cause cross contamination of blood products.

There have been several cases of medical spas who have been using non-FDA cleared devices (because they are cheaper, and their needle cartridges are much cheaper) and has infected other individuals with HIV. (Google HIV and Microneedling). This was because the device was not rigorously tested to ensure that there was no way blood could return up into the housing.

This is why our microneedling is more expensive. We only utilize FDA
approved pens and needle cartridges (sterile, one time use). Our pens are
meticulously cleansed and protected. We use disposable product containers, as to not cross contaminate. We ensure the skin is cleansed and prepped properly and take the utmost care when microneedling your face. We utilize these pens on ourselves, so we trust these pens to do a great job and keep us safe.

I’m Scared of Microneedling Now

It can be worrisome. The FDA cleared devices are expenses. The needle tips
are very expensive (typically upwards of $100+). We also have to account for the products being injected into the skin, to ensure that they are clean, fresh products. We also have to account for the take home kit that comes with our services. These kits are utilizing medical grade skincare, so that you get the best outcome possible. That is why we typically charge $300 per session. Now there are times when our supplier will send us bonus tips that we then discount our services for (this is why you will see buy one get one free, etc).

We take the utmost care to ensure the safety of our patients. We also know
how beneficial microneedling can be for the skin and the overall appearance of the skin. For these reasons, we can confidently ensure your safety and well being with microneedling when microneedling is done at Empowering Health.


Which device does your provider use?

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